What happens while we sleep?

Do you know what happens while we sleep?

We close our eyes every night and go to the “dream world”. When we wake up, it feels like we are back out of the way. Except we don’t know what really happened to us.

Often we just know that we were dreaming, or that we were cold or warm. But what else were we doing, what was happening to our body while we were sleeping – we don’t know that.

Of course, our muscles relaxed. If someone raised our hand slowly while we slept, she would fall back on the pillow. We sleep in a horizontal position to allow muscle relaxation. However, the muscle group around the eyes and eyelids does not relax during sleep. These muscles are tightened to keep our eyes closed.

During the night’s sleep, our body makes a lot of movement. We only move some parts of the body, or turn left-to-right to change position. Some people roll over in sleep, some less, and this often depends on how tired we are, what the temperature is in the room, what we ate before going to sleep, etc. A person usually moves about 20 to 40 times a night, but these movements last only about 30 seconds each hour, or a total of a few minutes throughout the night.

When we are awake, each of us behaves differently to external events, but when we sleep, we all respond in almost the same way to messages received by our senses. Noise, light, heat, odors, cause virtually the same responses in all sleeping people.
What happens in our body while we sleep? The blood, of course, continues to flow, but the heart beats slower. And our breathing is slow and differs in depth from breathing when we are awake. The digestion is done at its usual speed. The liver and kidneys continue to work, but somewhat more slowly. The temperature of our body decreases by a whole degree. Sweating can generally be increased, but it is less on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet than when we are awake.

During each night our dream can change and change from easy to deep and vice versa many times.

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