What happens to the skin unless we remove makeup before bed

No matter what money you spend on quality creams, tonics, serums, lotions and all possible and impossible facial skin care products, every time you fall asleep with makeup you go back a few steps. You know yourself best, so decide for yourself which method will discipline you.

The first step is to face the real consequences and find out what is really going on with your skin if you skip removing makeup before bed.

Many make-up products contain ingredients like silicone, which, for example, clogs pores. If you have the slightest tendency to acne, clogged pores will certainly encourage their development, and in the happiest scenario, your skin will only become more brittle.

Clogged pores also prevent the release of natural sebum, which, in addition to acne, can lead to pore enlargement.

Skipping evening facial skin care also leads to accelerated skin aging, because makeup can retain dirt from the environment and free radicals that damage skin cells, including collagen. In addition, the skin will dry out more, contributing to its aging and the creation of new wrinkles and deepening of existing wrinkles.

Another undesirable effect that make-up makeup certainly contributes to is the lifeless and tired impression, uneven skin tone.

It is especially important to remove the makeup that we apply around the eyes, because in addition to causing different infections, it can cause excessive lashing.

During sleep, the most effective cell renewal of the whole body, including our largest organ, takes place. Keeping your makeup off prevents that natural process, in which your body does the work for you that cosmetics should only supplement, not reverse.

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