What do men not know about their women?

It is a little surprising that 39% of men who are in a relationship have no idea what number of bras their partner is wearing. The study, conducted on men who have a long relationship or marriage, shocked women. It is a questionnaire that contains questions about their partners that they did not know.

– 54% do not know their partner’s mobile phone number.

– 54% don’t know her favorite song or artist.

– 39% do not know the exact number of their partner’s / wife’s bras.

– 35% of men couldn’t remember the exact date they met their nicer half.

– 23% were not sure what number of shoes the partner wore.

– 23% of men do not know their partner’s ready-made number.

– 20% of men were not sure who her best friend was.

– 20% don’t know if their partner is allergic to something.

– 11% of men were not sure what her natural hair color was.

– 10% of men did not know the exact job title of their partner.

Dear ladies, try this test with your man too. Ask him these questions and find out how much he really knows you. Good luck!

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