The differences between men and women

The history of every man and woman begins not only with birth, but with conception. Already the first cell bears the mark of gender, color of eyes, skin, physique, face, etc. Different from the first living cell, it will remain so and later in all forms of existence: stature, strength, ability to feel and express, feelings, beliefs.

To better focus on discovering male and female psychology, it is good to hear what a man and a woman say about themselves. We bring major labels that are specific to their character.

1. Body structure

The shape that the limbs and organs of a man and a woman get is already preparing for the various functions that both need to fulfill.
As a man of body structure, I’m stronger and stronger than you. This is evident from the shape of my body and the action of my genitals.
As a woman, I am gentler in structure, my body is weaker, the functioning of some of my organs is more complex.

2. Life force

Man and woman have a certain amount of energy and vitality in their bodies. Each of them uses energy in their activities in a completely unique way. As a man, I have focused, concentrated energy. Due to their physical structure, they can more easily invest a large amount of energy in a short time. This affects my way of working and my sexual life behavior.
My feminine energy is spilled all over my body. I consume less energy at once so I can last longer. But I should not be forced to do things quickly, whether in business or in a love affair.

3. Sense and express

Our senses receive messages that come from outside or inside our bodies. Movements and voice contain our outward response to such stimuli. These places of listening and transmission bear the mark of our fullness.
As a man, I feel the need for strong excitement. Unless there are special disturbances, my senses are happy to receive vibrant colors, strong and sharp sounds, fierce spices. It takes me a long time to tame some of my movements. My voice is rougher, less musical.
As a woman, I experience colors, sounds, smells, the taste of food and the tenderness of an object in a way that is richer in nuance. I have nicer and more elegant movements. Delicacy is my strength: my voice is affectionate, expressive and ringing.

4. Emotions

Messages that accept the senses elicit in the spirit of a man and a woman a response, a reaction, called emotion. How does a man and a woman react in the field of emotions?
As a man, I am more stable, more stable. I do not change my easy mood. In me everything is read in a predictable way. They say that as a man I am more passionate. This comes from the fact that my emotions are transformed into an accumulated force that drives me to action.
As a woman, I am more volatile. I am subject to frequent mood swings. They say that as a woman, I am more than impressed by you. This is true, because I react immediately, as soon as I am struck in my intimacy, especially if it concerns my sensitivity.

5. Feelings

By entering even more deeply into the spirit of a man and a woman, we come to a feeling: love, pride, security, flight, honesty. Feeling is a nobler and more spiritual force than feeling. It is deep and can support action longer. How are the main feelings that are born in the heart of a man and a woman manifested?

As a man, I’m more aggressive. I need to go on the attack, master what surrounds me, impose myself. I am looking for an opportunity in weighing my strength, I am combatant, hunter, warrior, builder. I’m a man of a piece. Created for action. And it is felt in my work, my behavior in the face of suffering, in my loving relationships and in my religion. As a man I am divided in my feelings. At the same time, they can be engrossed with enthusiasm and hatred, manifesting on the same day a commitment in one job and a willlessness in another. Obviously, it all affects my behavior in work, in love, in relationships with others, in conversations.

As a woman, I am more cordial, refined. I avoid conflicts and difficult questions. I try to mitigate situations with my presence instead of ruling them with my authority. I am aware of this impact on others, the harms I do or the pleasures I am receiving. My mission is to bring peace, beauty and grace. In everything I try to like and be kind. As a woman, I have a complex personality: I almost always manage to balance all the different influences that work within me. Words, events, moods – everything settles in me, and on the other hand, it all gives me a whole range of reactions to which I can respond at once with one word, movement, feeling.

6. Beliefs

Man is different from other creatures in that there is a higher principle in him, called the soul or spirit, with his faculties of reason and will. This is why he is not only driven by emotions and feelings: he is able to build strong beliefs and attach himself to the values ​​of the spirit.

As a man, I question everything. I look for reasons in everything, and I don’t even take steps if I have no reasoning. I am more affected by the whole situation or problem. I need to know the previous facts, have all the elements of the appropriate question. As a man I am very firm in my beliefs. It is easier for me to persist in my decisions, my goals and my projects.

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