Scientifically proven ways to increase hair strength

What are the scientifically proven ways you can increase your hair strength? If you want to avoid the risk of unreliable shampoos, there are ways in which you can increase hair strength with scientific support.

1. Glycerin

If your hair is not treated with hair dyes or bleach, using glycerin will increase your hair strength. This relates to the ability of glycerin to retain water and increase hair flexibility and thus allow hair to stretch without cracking. Glycerin is scientifically known for increasing strength.

2. Drink more water

Silicon is present in almost all tissues of the human body, including skin and nails. A recent study found that low intakes of silicon (or the acid in which it is found) can increase the elasticity and firmness of hair. It is actually one of the first studies to link mineral supplements to measurable positives on hair. This mineral is present in drinking water and water based beverages such as beer.

3. Cover your hair in the sun

UV radiation is responsible for hair damage and continuous sun exposure will weaken your hair. Sunlight can also cause porosity on the surface of the cuticle. If your hair is lighter, the more affected it will be. White / gray hair is the most vulnerable and black hair the least. Melanin in the hair serves as a barrier against sun damage, which means that darker hair is more protected. If you have been exposed to the sun for a long time, wear a hat or scarf to protect your hair from UV rays.

4. Protein in regenerator

Hair is a protein, and as you can see from point 3, the more compromised the protein in the hair, the weaker it will be. Protein treatments or really small amounts of hydrolyzed proteins / amino acids added to the regenerator increase hair strength. This is partly because proteins help the hair retain moisture. Hair that is damaged (bleached / dye treated hair) benefits most from protein treatment. Regularly using hair protein will help you maintain and increase your hair strength.

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