People who have enriched themselves in the strangest of ways

The following individuals did not walk the beaten path to their first million, on the contrary, they were willing to risk their money and reputation for some at least strange business ideas. In the following lines, we will reveal to you exactly what their original ways of getting rich were.

Jellyfish in the aquarium

Young biologist Alex Endon noted that no pet jellyfish can be bought at any pet store, so he decided to change it. He spent as much as $ 50,000 for a special aquarium where he raised these inhabitants of the deep sea. He soon started selling them, and two years later he was able to boast half a million dollars in revenue. Today, he earns twice as much on a yearly basis, with customers reaching him through his website.

Great prints of Instagram posts

In the 1980s, artist Richard Prince decided that it was easier for him to take other people’s works, change them a little, and sell them for millions than to create something completely new and authentic. Previously, he adapted other people’s pictures, advertisements and photographs, while lately he has focused on instagram posts. Specifically, he converted the photos of users of this network to large prints and exhibited them in the gallery. What is fascinating about the whole story is that other people are willing to pay large sums for his original works.

Perfumes with the scent of grass, earth and tennis balls

Mark Graves, owner of the Demeter brand, bought the company back in 2003 with the aim of changing the perfume market forever. His revolutionary idea was to introduce to the public some non-traditional perfumes such as those with the scent of tomatoes, earth, grass or even tennis balls! To the surprise of many, the company has started to grow, and today Mark boasts that some of Hollywood’s biggest stars are Demeter customers of unusual perfumes.

Header commercials

American Brandon Chikotsky longed for it at a young age, but did not let it discourage him much; moreover, he found a way to make a living! He decided to be a walking advertisement by making temporary tattoos of advertising messages from different brands on his head. Brandon, meanwhile, founded Bald Logo, a company that connects bald people who offer advertising space on their heads with interested brands willing to pay for the service.

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