Microsoft announces the next generation of Windows

At this year’s Bulid 2021 conference, Microsoft representatives did not discuss much about plans for the Windows operating system, because they will soon officially announce everything that has been being worked on for months. In his address, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, mentioned that in the near future there will be more talk about the “next generation of the Windows operating system”.

“We will soon share with everyone one of the most important updates for Windows this decade, which will bring greater opportunities to developers and creators. We can promise to create more opportunities for every Windows developer and welcome every creator looking for the most innovative, new, open platform for building, distributing and monetizing applications, “said Nadel in her address at the Build 2021 conference, which was held this time. online.

Although the company keeps all the planned news secret, Nadel hinted that in addition to several significant changes to the user interface on the operating system, it is also working on a new store for Windows applications. Nadel announced that all the changes that await us will also bring better economy for developers and creators within Windows itself.

This most likely includes some significant changes to the Windows Store, which will allow developers to download any Windows application – including browsers like Chrome and Firefox. There are also rumors that Microsoft may even allow independent trading platforms in applications, so developers will be able to avoid Microsoft’s commission of 15% for applications and 12% for games.

Since Microsoft usually uses the term “Windows 10” for everyone, the fact that he called the changes “the next generation of Windows” may indicate something more significant than a simple change in the user interface when it comes to branding Windows.

Work on the changes has already begun, with new system icons, improvements to File Explorer, and the removal of icons from the Widnows 95 era. Microsoft is also focusing on improving the basic features of Windows, solving problems with moving applications to multiple monitors, adding Xbox Auto HDR options and enhanced Bluetooth audio support.

Nadel says that we will soon hear more about the future of Windows, currently the most important operating system, which is currently used by over 1.3 billion people worldwide, so an official announcement from Microsoft will arrive in the next few weeks.

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