How to Stop Snacking Between Meals

I’ll just take a few, just a few snacks … What’s another sip of snacks? And so at least ten times a day. Does this scenario sound familiar to you? He is well known to us because unfortunately we are not immune to aimless nibbling between meals. It neither satiates us properly nor gives us any satisfaction. It is more agony because we never eat properly, and let’s be honest – most often these snacks do not even meet our basic nutritional needs. To nibble on a carrot, that would be perfectly fine, but in fact we reach for cookies and crackers every now and then, our hand takes us to a bag of chips, and only chocolate … We bring you the top recipes to stop nibbling without thinking about what, how much and why we eat.

Eat on time – and eat well

An adequate ratio of macronutrients and micronutrients – proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats – to the associated army of vitamins, minerals and essential trace elements should always be included in the meal. But it is also important to eat when we feel hungry, and not allow ourselves to be hungry, because low blood sugar will require quick gratification – most likely in the form of simple sugar like chocolate. Five meals a day should be your guiding thought – 3 specific ones and 2 smaller ones.

Slow down

Find out when you were just fed up. Eat more slowly and allow the sugars from the food to enter your bloodstream, signaling when your body is full.

Brush your teeth after a meal

This little trick really works. After the meal, brush your teeth and you will not need to eat any further. After all, food immediately after brushing your teeth and not having the best taste, and even if you embark on a treasure hunt after the fridge after lunch, what you find will taste like it has expired.

Broccoli? And he has his function

Always put healthy foods on your plate that are not the most delicious for you. A perfectly tasty meal is easy to eat in just a few minutes, but when there is something green on your plate that your taste buds are not exactly in love with, there are two things that will happen: you eat a nutritionally richer meal and your craving for turnips will double.

Don’t buy junk food

Unhealthy foods are easy to eat when you already have them at home. It’s a little harder to get ready for the store and go to it if you only have to buy a bag of chips or a box of biscuits in your head. So, if you don’t buy junk food while you’re shopping for a week, you probably won’t even aim for it at midnight. In contrast, if you already have one at home, you’ll open that bag of chips, whether it’s midnight or not. Instead, fill your fridge with healthy snacks: fruits and vegetables. If you lose your desire to nibble on looking at a juicy piece of watermelon, it means only one thing: you are not hungry but your brain is craving unhealthy foods.

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