How to Prepare Your Child for Early Rising

As experts recommend, at least one week before the start of the school year, you should begin gradually getting used to getting up early, this means that this is the last hour for parents to start this “program”.

In the past months, children were lazy, later lying down, and later getting up.

Dr. Dennis Rosen, of the Boston Sleep Disorders Medical Center, says toddlers have been disturbed by their internal biorhythm, making it difficult for them to revert overnight.

He outlines several ways that children, and especially teenagers, can adapt to getting up early and be ready for the start of the school year.

Graduality is important. Have the baby gradually get up a little earlier and go to bed early.
This system is also recommended by the American National Sleep Organization. So, if you move up and lie down in just a few minutes, the body will not rebel.

Follow the schedule of moving to bed and getting up early for a few minutes each day. Richard Gellula of the National Sleep Organization stresses the importance of sticking to it over the weekend, which means that parents will have to get up early on non-working days to set a good example.

This expert also says that children should get dressed, have breakfast and continue their daily activities, and not, after waking up, lie in their pajamas in front of the TV.

As the sun helps to awaken the inner clock as it sends a signal to the brain that it is time for awakening and action, raise the blinds and let it into the room.

When it comes to eating, parents should forget about those little unhealthy habits that they were able to afford during their holidays. With a plan for getting up early, start implementing the one about healthy eating as well, as it plays an important role in sleep.
Dennis Rosen advises that foods with at least a little caffeine (which can be found in chocolate) should also be eliminated from the diet because they can disrupt sleep.

Forget about the afternoon snooze, especially after lunch, because once they are back to school, the kids won’t have time for that. In addition, children will find it difficult to fall asleep in the evening if they sleep in the afternoon.

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