How to increase appetite

Hunger and appetite increase the secretion of gastric juices, which are essential for good digestion of food. Lack of appetite also causes interference with the digestive organs.

Medical reasons for lack of appetite may be low blood pressure, liver disease, stomach ailments, severe constipation, mental state, and nutritional reasons are the lack of some of the ingredients that are important for the functions of the digestive organs.

Appetite can be increased by physical activity (less sitting and more movement), with a cheerful mood. During lunch, you should know how to enjoy a good meal, and during the day have cheerful conversations and create the best mood. Do not eat while watching TV or reading a newspaper, because your appetite is reduced instead of increased.

If you eat small amounts of food you can increase your appetite by eating more small meals throughout the day instead of three large ones.

Increasing your intake of B-group vitamins can increase your appetite, so take some natural remedy such as brewer’s yeast, which you can find in pharmacies.

Appetite can also be increased by using tonics from bitter herbs such as diapers, kitsch and others.

A poor appetite can be due to a number of emotional states such as anxiety, nervousness, tension or depression. Stressful events at work or in the family can also result in loss of appetite, and there is the use of various remedies as legal as illegal.

If your appetite loss is not a symptom of a serious illness, you can find very effective medicines in your kitchens. Some of the most effective are:

Bitter green vegetables

Chicory, arugula, chard, endive, kale, watercress are all foods that stimulate digestion and are among the bitter green leafy vegetables. They cause the body to produce more digestive juices and enzymes as well as bile that dissolves fat into smaller portions for better absorption.


Water is a very effective appetite control tool, especially when you meet the quota of eight glasses drunk every day. Drink water even when you feel you are not thirsty.


Even more ancient Greeks used spices to calm their stomachs and put them in dishes that are usually difficult to digest. Nowadays, spice is a common spice for many dishes, and the Germans make it a special brandy, which is used before meals in order to open the appetite.

Cayenne pepper

Not much will open your appetite as good as cayenne pepper. There is some evidence that cayenne peppers speed up metabolism and open your appetite, so be sure to whip up your entrees to enjoy the main.

Fennel is known for its digestive effects. It calms the belly and absolutely checks your appetite.


Ginger in addition to all its healing properties that stimulates appetite. Before eating, try a bite of fresh ginger, drink tea or some carbonated beverage flavored with this root.


Peppermint will refresh your dishes, but also open your appetite. Before the meal, make fresh peppermint tea by pouring the leaves with one cup of boiling water, let stand for 20-30 minutes, process and drink as needed.

In addition to introducing these foods into your diet, pay attention to several other items and lifestyle habits.

Childhood food

Sometimes your appetite can be refined with the help of your favorite childhood foods. Enjoy macaroni with cheese, sarma, sauté everything that your mom or your grandma made.

Watch your stress levels

Keep stress and anxiety levels under control as they can certainly be the main causes of loss of appetite.


Be active, because if you consume your appetite, it will certainly return very quickly.

How To Increase Your Appetite – Practical Tips

-Eat more salad and slightly pickled vegetables.

– Eat grated black radish salad with chopped parsley leaves, topped with oil and lemon juice and slightly salted before meals.

– Warm apple juice to drink, two cups a day for 2-3 days.

– Mix the beetroot with chopped cucumber, add some sea salt and juice of orange, lemon or apple cider vinegar.

– Pour 25 g of grated celery, fennel and lincure over half a liter of boiling water, drink the liquid before eating.

– Pour 2 tablespoons of mullet grass over with 2 dl boiling water, allow to stand for a while, process and drink before eating.

– Fill the chamomile spoon with 2 s11 boiling water and keep on low heat for about half an hour. After draining and cooling, drink before eating.

Take 1 g of ground fennel, cantarion and lincourt, topped with 2 dl boiling water. After standing for 2 hours, process and drink the liquid.

– Pour over 35 g of peeled celery with 2 dl of commov, leave in the dark for 15 days, process and drink before breakfast for a glass.

– Insert sliced ​​lincure root into medium-strength brandy, keep for about 10 days with occasional shaking, strain and drink a glass three times a day, before eating.

– Boil three teaspoons of seed or grated parsnip root for 3 minutes in 4 dl of water, allow to cool, strain and drink three times a day over a tablespoon of liquid.

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