How to develop thought power

The acquisition of thought power by moral purity

A man who speaks the truth and possesses moral purity always has powerful thoughts. If a man whose thought is very powerful speaks one word, it will have a huge impact on the minds of others. Virtues such as honesty, seriousness and diligence are the best sources of mental power. Purity leads to wisdom and immortality.

There are two types of purity, internal or mental, and external or physical.
Mental purity is more important. Physical purity is also required. By establishing inner mental purity one achieves the joy and focus of the mind, the control of the senses and the willingness to realize one’s self.

Acquiring thought power through concentration

There is no limit to the power of human thought. The more concentrated the human mind is, the more power is brought to one point. In the case of people with normal minds, the rays of the mind are scattered. It is a diffusion of mental energy in different directions. In order to achieve concentration, these scattered rays must be collected by the exercise of concentration and then directed to the universe. Develop attention and you will have good concentration. Keep your mind clear. Always be joyful. Only then will you be able to concentrate.

Acquiring thought power through organized thinking

Destroy the vain thinking. Take a topic and think about it from different aspects and points of view. When you think of one topic in this way, do not allow other thoughts to enter the conscious part of the mind. Bring your mind back to your chosen topic. Constantly from the beginning, keep your mind on the subject. And then take the next topic.
This exercise will help you develop organized thinking. Mental images will be given effect. They will become clear and sharp. In people who are not aware of the power of their thoughts, mental images are distorted and blurred.

The acquisition of thought power through will

Every rejected sensory thought, every resistance to temptation, every harsh word retained, every empowered lofty aspiration helps you to develop willpower or soul power and bring you closer to your goal.
If it is easier for you to repeat mentally with feeling: My will is powerful, pure and unyielding. I can do anything with my will. I have an invincible will.

Will is the dynamic power of the soul. When it operates – all mental powers, such as the power of judgment, the power of remembering, the power of comprehension, the power of reasoning, the power of reason, the power of reasoning, the power of reasoning – it all automatically works.
Will is the king of all mental powers. When they become pure and unyielding, thought and will can work wonders. For a man of strong will nothing is impossible.

Let’s say you want to get rid of an old habit that doesn’t really suit you.
Coffee. When you leave the old habit of drinking coffee, you already gain, to a degree, control of the taste sensation because you have destroyed one habit and eliminated the desire for it. If you get rid of the effort you put into buying coffee and the habit of consuming it, you will gain some peace. The energy that is in the urge for coffee and has disturbed you will now be transformed into willpower.

If you win one wish, you will gain some willpower! If you conquer fifteen of these desires, your willpower will become fifteen times greater. And that victory, which increases the willpower, will help you master other desires as well.

Unsettled state of mind, balance, cheerfulness, inner strength, ability to successfully accomplish difficult tasks, successful in all tasks, influence on people, magnetic and dynamic personality, magnetic aura of the face, glow in the eyes, firm gaze, powerful voice, dignified gait, unyielding will, fearlessness, etc. are some of the signs or symptoms that indicate the development of willpower in man.

How to get a clear opinion

The mental images of the common man are generally very distorted. He does not know deep thinking. His thoughts are chaotic. There is considerable confusion in his mind.
Only thinkers, philosophers, and yogis have clearly defined and sharp mental images. The seer can see them very clearly. Those who practice concentration and meditation develop clear mental images.
Most of your thoughts do not have good support. They come and go quickly and are therefore indefinite and undefined. These images are not clear, powerful and precise.

They should be empowered with precise, continuous and deep thinking. With deep reflection and meditation, calm your thoughts and crystallize them into precise form. Then the philosophical idea will become stable.

Correct thinking, reasoning, self-reflection, and meditation will help you clarify your ideas. Then all the confusion will disappear. Thoughts will calm down and stabilize.
Think clearly. Clarify your ideas over and over again. Be a self-watcher in solitude.

Refine your thoughts to a significant degree. Quiet your thoughts.

Don’t let the murmur. Allow one thought wave to appear, then allow it to calm slightly. Then allow the next thought to emerge. Remove all foreign thoughts that have nothing to do with the topic you are addressing at any given time.

Deep and original thinking

Most do not know what is right thinking. For many people, thinking is generally superficial. Only a few know deep thinking. There are very few real thinkers. Deep thinking requires exercise.
The essence is in wholehearted thinking, persistent, clear, thinking to the very root of the problem, to the very foundation, to the very core of all thoughts and existence.

It is necessary to reject the old idea, no matter how strong and rooted it is, when you get a new sublime idea instead.
If you do not have the courage to deal with the results of your thinking, if you cannot swallow the conclusions of your own opinion, whatever they may be, you should never interfere with philosophizing. Then don’t even try to think what you think.

Constructive and continuous thinking

Being a great power in itself, thought conveys enormous power. The great thing is if you know how to use this force most effectively and in the most sublime way possible. This can best be achieved through a meditation exercise.

Constructive thinking occupies the mind with one theme, and continuous thinking keeps it constantly occupied; the result is a rapture that provokes the bliss and expansion of the developed mind, which has ceased to be destructive through these two kinds of thinking.
Meditation occurs when constructive and continuous thinking, rapture, bliss, and focus of mind arise.

Get creative thinking power

Thought is a vital living force – the most vital, subtle and most powerful force that exists in the universe.
Thoughts are living things; they are moving; they have form, shape, color, quality, content, power and weight.
Thought is real action; it is revealed as a dynamic force.
The thought of joy evokes thoughts of joy in others. The birth of sublime thought is a powerful remedy against evil thoughts.
With positive thought, we come to creative thinking power.

Develop Individuality: Resist Suggestions

Don’t let other people’s suggestions affect you. Have your own sense of individuality. A strong suggestion, though it may not immediately affect the topic you are thinking about, will come to fruition after a while. She never fails.

We all live in a world of suggestions. Our character is unconsciously shaped daily by contacts with others. We unconsciously imitate those we admire. We absorb the suggestions of those we see every day. These suggestions affect us. A man of a weak mind yields to the suggestions of a man of a strong mind.

The servant is influenced by his master’s suggestions. A woman is influenced by her husband’s suggestions and vice versa. The patient is influenced by the doctor’s suggestions. The student is influenced by the teacher’s suggestions.

Custom is nothing but a product of suggestion. The clothes you wear, the manners, the behavior, and even the food you eat – these are all consequences of suggestions. Nature makes suggestions in various ways. The rivers that flow, the sun that shines, the flowers that smell, the trees that grow, constantly send you suggestions.

The acquisition of supernatural powers by the discipline of thought

The powerful magician mesmerizes the entire audience with the strength of his concentration and willpower and performs a rope trick. He tosses the red rope up, suggests that he will climb on top of him and disappears off stage. If we photographed the stage at that moment, there would be no one in the picture.

Understand and realize the power of thought. Discover hidden powers or magical abilities. Close your eyes. Concentrate. Explore more areas of the mind.
You can see distant objects, landscapes, hear distant sounds, send messages to distant places, treat people remotely, and switch to distant places in the blink of an eye.

What do you think?

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