How the moon affects our life and health

Although we often admire the moon as a decoration of the night sky, this faithful companion of the Earth is much more than that. As we look at its changes, we notice that it is apparently reborn and growing, and then gradually diminishes and disappears. It is this feature that connects to the universal temporalities of life according to which life takes place throughout the world.

We could say that the Moon, on many levels, literally serves us as a subtle guide to life. Ancient cultures paid much more attention to life in accordance with the lunar cycle. For example, the Babylonians are known to have used a 7-day period that corresponds to the duration of one lunar month as a Sunday marker.

Furthermore, the experience of the influence of lunar changes on plant growth and development has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries, determining the best time for agricultural work. Fortunately, that forgotten knowledge is slowly returning to our lives. Chronobiology, as a young scientific discipline that studies biological rhythms, among other things, gives attention and influence to the moon. Even the stubborn scientific circle is slowly laying down its weapons against the evidence that supports this celestial body really influencing our mental and physical health.

Given that the human body contains approximately 70% of water, it is not illogical to assume that, in addition to raising and lowering seas and oceans, the Earth’s satellite also causes tides in our bodies. Although, based on heightened irritability and tension, as well as many other negative manifestations such as homicides and robberies, which have been observed to occur more frequently during the full moon, we could conclude that the energy of that celestial body is more harmful than good, let’s not rush to conclusions .

In this regard, it is extremely important to remember that the moon amplifies the underlying emotion. If the underlying thought or emotion is negative, the Moon will amplify it. Fortunately, the reverse is also true, but unfortunately, too little attention has been paid to this segment in the past. It is time to rectify this omission and learn to harness the Moon’s energy potential to the best of our ability.

How the phases of the moon affect our lives

Within a month, the moon goes through four basic phases or me: the young, the first quarter, the full moon, and the last quarter, with each lunar month lasting 7 days. The lunar phase is really easy to recognize – it is enough to remember that at the time of growth, the moon looks like the letter D (gains on mass) and at the time of decline, the letter G (loses on mass).

The period of growth of the moon can be compared with a slight deep breath, and its period of decline with a slight exhalation. Following that natural rhythm of inhalation and exhalation, we will live significantly healthier, and with much less stress, greatly increase the quality of our lives.

The phases of the moon’s growth (the period of 14-15 days from the onset of the young moon, through the first quarter to the full moon), is best used to plan and start all projects, also to deprive unhealthy habits and cleanse the body. It is a period when, in accordance with biological rhythm, we are gradually energized, and whatever we do at that time will have a greater chance of success.

Because the young moon is closely tied to the beginnings and awareness, you can use the table of the moon’s men to determine when the young is coming, and this is the day when you should start the action from which you expect a positive outcome in perspective.

In contrast, the phases of the lunar decline, from full, through the hindquarters to the young, are recommended to be used for conception, quiet and steady work, release of energy, rest and meditation. It is also a phase in which wounds heal faster, so recovery from any mental or physical illness or injury will be significantly shorter and more successful. For this reason, it is recommended that surgery be performed at the time of the Moon’s decline, especially in the last quarter of the week.

In gardening, a time when the moonlight is gradually rising – from the young, through the first quarter to full, is best used for transplanting pots, sowing plants that grow above ground, fertilizing and spraying fruit trees.

The period when the moonlight is gradually diminishing – from full, through the last quarter to young, should be used for planting tubers and plants growing underground (such as carrots and potatoes), planting biennial plants and permanent plants, pruning shrubs, weeds and snails.

Moon diet

Do you want to lose up to 3 kg. monthly, try this diet. The word is from a 24 hour fast, starting with the hour of the moon entering the full or young stage. During this time, it is necessary to enter 2-4 liters of liquid (water, unsweetened tea or natural juices) into the body.

If you are suffering from excess weight, this diet will not help you get rid of them, but it can be used as an aid to a comprehensive and organized approach to weight loss.

Irrespective of weight loss, the Moon diet is highly recommended for cleansing the body of many harmful substances introduced into the body, so it reliably strengthens immunity and prevents many diseases.

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