How jealousy can be useful

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It often happens that roses do not bloom in our lives and that everything is not as we imagined it to be. And in such situations it may seem to us that this situation will last forever. However, how realistic is this view?

Jealousy is a feeling that is innate in all beings and fully human, something that no one should be ashamed of or act out of, imagine, everyone has it! How many times have you been jealous of a friend who has a fantastic new job, a guy / girl to covet, a movie apartment? We believe that you have experienced at least a bit of jealousy in such situations if these are some of the things you fervently desire. And then your energy suddenly drops and you become depressed. But in these situations it is necessary to realize that it is only a current state that we cannot influence and that it must be accepted in order to be able to act. Exactly the key is everything. A friend has a job and you don’t. What to do in that case? Crying, yelling, crying? All this is allowed, but in certain quantities after which awareness and action must ensue. If you are jealous of someone’s results, this is a sign that you need to get started and look at it as a sign of action! Being aware of the fact that they have achieved something means that it is possible to achieve the same, and that you can do the same! Believe in your abilities! Let them be the impetus for what you want in your life. Thank them and move on to fulfill your obligations to accomplish what you so desire.

In addition, you can make yourself jealous that you have a hidden desire in you that wants to be expressed. So let jealousy lead you to the parts that should be given more attention in life. If you are jealous of friends who are in a happy relationship, can you try to get an answer from where it comes from? Does it come from believing that you are not good enough, that you have nothing to offer your partner? You can ask yourself what characteristics would you like your future to have? Intelligence, wit, good looks, creativity, knowledge of events, communication. Realize that the characteristics that you have listed as ideal are exactly the ones you yourself possess. If they are partially different you know what kind of person you need to become in your opinion as an ideal partner.

You can apply this to all parts of life (career, family, education) who feel hurt when meeting the people who put their parts together. And just be brave, because you have qualities that yearn to be used, just make them aware!

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