Do go out for another date with a girl

Unfortunately, the power to identify the right partner is not one of the god-given talents. It takes an awful lot of time, patience and (more than anything) money before it happens. However, all the guys tired of disappointment (because that sweet, angelic girl too often turns into a psychopath from hell) can determine in a quick and relatively cheap way whether she deserves 12 roses and a candy bar.

Just bring her to a restaurant at the first meeting and see if she passes this simple test. When the bill arrives, you will be grateful, no matter how much your dinner cost.

Step One: Material Girl Syndrome

The very decision of where to go is often a good indicator of whether you date a normal girl or a selfish and spoiled princess who expects a man to cool her with a fan while she drinks champagne in bed.

First, let the choice of restaurant be a joint decision. If she opposes each of your proposals or insists that you go to a place she adores, don’t expect to feel good when you really “start getting to know her.” The fact that she is not sympathetic to suggestions merely indicates how stubborn and possessive she is, in short – the anguish of being alive.

It is crucial that your proposals be diverse, but ultimately lead to exclusive sites. You will see whether the thought of having dinner at a restaurant serving chicken wings and French fries causes nausea and intense resistance. If so, forget about everything. Make up a headache, say you’re gay, do anything to cancel that meeting right away. Why? She’s probably arrogant, arrogant and mean. You certainly can’t give her what she expects – unless you’re willing to spend an enviable amount of foreign currency.

Either way (this is key throughout the test), make sure you end up in a familiar and well-proven place. If she passed this part of the test, you shouldn’t look like a squirt. You still want her to have a good time, don’t you?

Step two: play with the eyes

As this test is only feasible in fancy restaurants, you should be comforted by the fact that if you pass it, you get a girlfriend and extra points. If she was able to avoid the material girl trap, you can still peek through it before ordering a cheeky expensive wine.

We know that you would like your escort to not take your eyes off you all night, but that will not happen. As soon as you sit down, watch her look closely and hold your mental alert button on standby. If he is observing the interior, paying attention to the quality of porcelain and commenting that the glasses are not of the finest crystal, press the alarm button. Across the street you sit primadonna.

Step Three: Thirst

We hope you have found out by now that this girl is not wearing a nose cloud. On the other hand, you have to find out that it is not by accident too much like “dude”. Remember that when ordering a drink. Although everyone’s choices are subjective and highly variable, still pay attention to what they order. You certainly wouldn’t like to pour a glass of water all evening. Still, this is the first date, so if it doesn’t show some courage now, when will it?

If you order a cocktail at the beginning (and we advise you to do so), the possibilities for analysis are immense. Martini or champagne indicates a blend of perfect expressiveness and sophistication. This woman loves to go crazy, but she knows very well when to be a lady.

Beer is fine – if you drink it from a glass. However, if those pretty lips drink from a bottle at an otherwise decent restaurant, it obviously lacks a bit of refinement.

Step Four: The Art of Conversation

While waiting for your order, pay attention not only to what the story is about, but also to how it behaves. Does he look you in the eye when he speaks to you? Does he often comment on what you said? Does she watch often or answer calls from her mobile phone? Does it show interest in you and your life or does it all revolve around it? For heaven’s sake, does this girl know how to laugh at jokes? When there is no food in front of you to enjoy, you are directed at each other. In short, if each of her sentences starts with “me” or “mine,” you can easily flirt with a handsome waitress. After all, it makes no difference.

Step Five: Main course

We are convinced that women treat food the way they treat men. Think about it: it can make a lot of noise because of the food temperature or the type of oil used to prepare the meal. Doesn’t that tell you that she would treat you too dominant? Food picky – picky with men.

Suppose further that it is first served. Will he wait for you to get your order before he starts eating? On the plus side of poor upbringing and miserable table manners, this move shows how little you appreciate. There are those usual details, too: does he speak with his mouth full; whether he eats lazily; is her appetite twice as high as yours; whether she refuses dessert as if you were offering her a bottle of poison … Later you will be terribly bothered by a woman who is so obsessive about calories.

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