Basic fluid properties

Fluid is a term in physics that denotes a substance that is constantly deformed under the influence of some tangential stress. Fluids are phases and include liquids and gases, and this common name indicates their common properties, without excluding their differences.

Fluids differ primarily in compressibility. For example, gases have a higher compressibility than liquids. What makes liquids and gases similar is the mobility of their molecules.

Fluids are all liquids and gases. Due to the high mobility of the molecules, the fluids do not have a permanent shape. Liquids take the form of a vessel in which they are contained, while the gas, regardless of the volume, in a closed vessel fills the entire vessel, spreading evenly.

There are also differences between liquids and gases that originate from the mobility of their molecules. The different mobility of molecules is due to the different force of attraction between the molecules, the so-called. cohesion forces. The cohesion force is stronger in liquids than in gases, while in solid bodies the cohesion force among molecules is so large that solids have a permanent shape that can only be changed under the influence of stronger external forces. Whether a body will be in a solid, liquid or gaseous state depends on pressure and temperature. At certain temperatures and pressures, the bodies pass from one state to another.

One of the properties of fluid is compressibility. It is the property of fluid to change the volume under the influence of pressure. Liquids and gases vary greatly in compressibility. The compressibility of the fluid is small and can be neglected, which means that it is practically unchanged by the action of an external force of the liquid volume. With gases, compressibility is considerable and can always be neglected.

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