Amazing facts about hair

We don’t all have the same hair. Nature has given each of us specific hair factors. The rest is a matter of good care.

Did you know that blondes have the most hair on their heads? Does it surprise you that one in three women dye their hair? Have you ever counted how long your hair is? It would take her several hundred years to grow her hair so long. Join us in discovering interesting, unusual and amazing hair facts.

Meters and hair meters on the head only exist in fairy tales. In real life, hair grows from just 0.2 to 0.4 millimeters a day, or about an inch a month. Currently, Massachusetts-based Diane Witt holds the record for the woman with the longest hair. The hair of that American Goldfinch is almost four feet long. Only one person broke the Diane Witt record. In the late 1940s, Swami Pandarasandhi’s Indian hair was reportedly 7.93 meters long.

Redheads have less hair

Blondes are in luck. On average, they have the most hair on their heads. While blondes average about 150,000 hairs, the average redhead has only 90,000. Women with brown or black hair average about 110,000 or 100,000 hairs. We must point out that blondes also have the thinnest hair. Natural blacks tend to have a particularly thick hair, for the most part. Indian black hair is an example of particularly tight hair. Redheads also have strong hairs.

Hair dies young

The hair grows for a while, lingers on the head, and then falls out. One hair can live from two to five years. Then it stops growing and stays on its head for a few months. It eventually drops out and creates a place for new hair. Therefore, it is quite normal for us to drop 50 to 100 hairs a day.

Blond hair is sold

“Blondes are less intelligent.” As with most prejudices, this one has been with us for a long time and will remain. Of course, there is strong but generally ignored evidence to the contrary. One third of all highly intelligent Mense members are blondes.

Despite prejudices, blondes are factors in the sale of products, information and images. Two of the three German TV presenters are blondes. Recently, one poll found that blue box offices in England had a 20 percent higher sales than their counterparts of other hair colors.

Men also love to dye their hair

One in three women dye their hair regularly. Today, one in ten men also resort to hair dye treatments. Men, however, are pulling the line when it comes to strands. Only 3% of men put strands on their hair. As far as care is concerned, men are at the top. In the 24-34 age group, 56% of men wash their hair daily, while only 30% of women of the same age group do so.

The first hair product: shampoo

94% of women consider shampoo to be by far the most important hair care product. They also don’t think about separating from their hairspray. 60 percent of all women occasionally use hairspray, and 24 percent use it daily.

A good haircut is valuable

Germans pay an average of 22 euros for a haircut. New York hairdressers make a lot more money. In some hair salons, a haircut costs as much as a short trip to Paris by plane. Orlando Pita, hairstylist Naomi Campbell is known as the most expensive hairstylist. The haircut at that stylist’s salon on Gansevoort Street in Manhattan costs about $ 800. Compared to him, the price of his colleague Sally Hershberger’s hairstyle, which was celebrated with a short haircut by Meg Ryan, is a little cheaper. She charges a haircut of “only” $ 600.

An auction hammer marks the sale of celebrity hair

Hair has no value on the heads of stars. But that changes after death. As a relic, hair can be turned into a valuable and rare item. In 2004, a Hong Kong fan purchased one of John Lennon, a deceased Beatles member, at an auction in Gerona. He paid a whopping € 3460 for that one hair. In France, in 1980, two tiny strands of the hair of the French Queen Maria Antoinette and her son were sold for a dizzying 5,000 euros. The most expensive item to sell is silver-gray artificial hair once worn by artist Andy Warhol. It was auctioned off in 2006 at Christie’s for as much as $ 10,800 (then around $ 7,700).

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